ReFUND Colorado





Benefit Colorado Women’s Education Foundation with some or all of your state tax refund!

Have you heard about ReFUND CO?
It’s a educational campaign to promote the new “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit” program allowing you to donate a portion or all of your state tax refund to directly support CWEF’s meaningful work in Colorado!

Do you expect a state income tax refund?
If so, your income tax refund can give women’s education a big boost! When you file, look for the prompt to “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit” line of your tax return or tax software, and enter CWEF’s name and Colorado Secretary of State registration number 20093003863.

In 2019, Colorado returned more than $1 billion dollars in refunds to 1.9 million state taxpayers. In 2020, Coloradans who receive a state income tax refund will have a chance to donate all or some of it to a local nonprofit they trust such as CWEF. Imagine if state taxpayers chose to donate just a portion of their refunds; this outpouring of support would re-energize local community causes across Colorado and make a massive positive impact on our state.

The ReFUND CO state tax refund donation program is NEW this year!
It provides a fresh opportunity to fund CWEF’s investment in high achieving women’s education, goals, and dreams. According to the United Nations, when women are educated they have healthier children and communities.  An educated female population increases a state’s productivity and fuels economic growth. We’re grateful for your past support for CWEF and we hope you’ll consider continuing your support in this new way.

If you get a state income tax refund, this new program puts you in control of deciding to donate some or all of it and choosing exactly which Colorado-registered charity will directly benefit. Whether you do your taxes yourself or use a tax preparer, provides simple instructions for how to make sure your refund donation goes to CWEF. Click here to check out the FAQs to learn more.

ReFUND CO is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Association and implemented by the Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Secretary of State. It’s the result of bipartisan state legislation enacted in 2018 that was sponsored by Sen. Lois Court, Rep. Jim Wilson, and Rep. Chris Hansen.