Scholarship Sponsors and Donors


Scholarship Sponsors and Donors

A sincere thank you to all of our contributors and supporters since 2014 for giving
the gift of education!  Click here to read historical donor list from 1976 – 2013.

 $30,000 and above
Steven B. Achelis Foundation

 $27,000 and above
Phyllis Sharp

 $25,000 and above
Karen McGee

 $16,000 and above
Barb Bashor

 $13,000 and above
Deb and Dave Fischer
Ida M. Halasz Named Scholarship – Click here to read about Ida M. Halasz

 $9,000 and above
Ball Corporation
Jess and Ryan Dewell
Elizabeth Michalski

 $7,000 and above
Business and Professional Women of Boulder
Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame

 $5,000 and above
Jenn and Scott Olson
Karin Olson Hoal and Brian Hoal
John Michael Sullivan
Levi Strauss & Co.

 $4,000 and above
Kenzi Parton
Cynthia and Tony Vaida

 $3,000 and above
Ann and Gordon Anthony
Ronda and Kevin Kelley

 $2,000 and above    
Roxanne Brickell-Reardon and Kevin Reardon
Rachel Maves
Shannon Morgan
Sharon Rusnak
Slaughter Family Charitable Fund
Julie Thenell
Dawn Thompson

 $1,000 and above
Erwin Buck
Yolande Burnham
Kathy Dremann
James Edwards
Allyn Feinberg
Danielle Feinberg
Gunnison Business Women Inc.
Lyla Hamilton
M.L. Hanson
Hanna Horsch
Krista Klees
Marcia Leger-Lovato and Al Smith
Grace B. Ludwig Charitable Trust Fund
Marianne Mitchell
Lynn Morgan
Ellen Petrilla
Dawn Pollard
Nancy Rinker
Kim Rivera
Linda Shoemaker
Theresa Szczurek
Judy and Doug Wolff